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We use all the latest digital equipment both on location and at our studio. 

In this day and age it’s not just taking photographs that requires talent and skill but also creativity and technology and that’s why we are a little different from the norm. Not only are we highly experienced and talented photographers but also have around 30 years experience in the digital arts industry allowing us to to produce highly creative photography both on location, in our studio and in front of the computers. This also enables us to create mind blowing effects and montages that are unheard of through none digital media.


Our studio is based on the second floor of Martin House in Brighouse, just over the flyover from the Bus Station. We occupy four rooms:

Room 1
The studio
, a fully equipped photographic studio with every imaginable piece of equipment necessary to run a successful photography business. This is where the fun happens.

Room 2
This is where the magic happens, it’s the hub of the business, crammed with the latest Apple Mac computers and high-end professional large format printers. In here we edit all the photographs taken at your session. They are edited, colour corrected, played with, to ultimately create something very special indeed. This room is also where all the admin, bookings and day to day running of the business takes place.

Room 3
The viewing room
, in this room we present all your finished photographs, this is a large and very comfy room with lovely big sofas where you can enjoy your premier viewing of your images on our 3m wide projection screen. This screen can enable us to show you not only your stunning images but allow us to alter the size of images so you can experience the full impact of how a particular size will work for you. The fun doesn’t stop there, you can further add to your enjoyment by viewing your images with tea or coffee, a glass of bubbly or a bottle of the cold stuff. Oh, let’s not forget the little people too, we always have plenty of soft drinks and chocolate too.

Room 4
Is our smallest but perfectly formed room, the kitchen area, a very important room for keeping all your refreshments chilled.

There are two separate ladies and gents toilets with plenty of room for outfit changes.

Please note: we are on the second floor of our building and do NOT have any access for wheelchairs, sorry.


  1. Once you have decided to come along and visit us, give us a call or drop us an email and book a date and time that suits you, we are very flexible on opening hours.
  2. We take some details and enter your information on our system and send out an electronic invoice for £25, this must be settled at least one week before your booking date.
  3. We also send out a small questionnaire, this collates information relating to your visit, such questions as: Who will be attending? How many? Ages? If children, any hobbies? This just gives us some background, so we’re ready to roll on the day.
  4. You turn up for your appointment, generally, most clients turn up ready and dressed for the shoot, if not, we have changing facilities.
  5. The shoot itself lasts around 45 minutes and in that time we can take upwards of 100 photographs, different poses, different props and basically have fun.
  6. We then arrange for you to come back for your own personal viewing of all your edited photographs, this is the easy bit, just sit back and enjoy the show with a complimentary tea, coffee, bubbly, beer or soft drink.
  7. Then comes the hard bit, choosing your images, this is where we are very different from a lot of portrait studios, there’s no ‘Hard Sell’ We just talk you through products and prices and make no decisions on your behalf. It’s your call, with no obligation to purchase. We definitely won’t be telling you ‘we have a special offer but you must buy today to take advantage of it’. That’s not how we work!
  8. Finally, you receive your order and give it pride of place in your home.

It really is that simple, why not give us a call on 01484 723860 or email us and book you and your family in today. If we don’t answer the phone, don’t worry, we may be in the studio or out shooting a wedding, leave us a message with your number and one of the team will get back to you as soon as we put the cameras down.